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Welcome Back to School

**September Highlights**

NEF surprised our brand new teachers, with zero classroom hours, with a $100 bill to help kick start their teaching career at NISD. Check our corner slide show for pictures.
 **Needville High School Teachers**

Macie Case, Andrew White and Edward McDonald

**Needville Junior High Teachers**

Thomas Kielman and Adam Froeshl

  NEF has a new way to apply for grants in 2017-2018.  Teachers were sent a link to our google site where they send in their application electronically.  We also have it connected to our web page for their convienence. All applications for this year are due October 6, 2017 at 4:15 pm.

  Fort Bend County Fair starts September 29– October 8.  Fort Bend County Fair has been a great contributor to our NEF fundraising events and in turn we would like to be sure they get a shout out for the community event they hold to raise funds for thier organization.Please see the linked page to print out a discount ticket sheet. 


NEF is proud of our district teachers and the ideas they have for their classrooms.  We want to encourage them to bring those ideas to the classroom and sometimes it takes extra equipment, a field trip, electronics or a presenter to make that happen.  The Needville Education Foundation is a 501c3 organization that can bring these resources to the classroom.  With the generous support of people in our community and gracious businesses we can build our funds and be able to purchase such requests. 

If you or your business is interested in becoming a sponsor please contact our office 

Shelley Krauss, Executive Director

Cell:  281-725-7815

NISD office: 979-793-4308 ext 1205










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