Needville ISD Safety and Security Measures 

*A complete facility security audit was conducted in March of 2022.

*Exterior lighting upgrade on campuses.

*Installing window tint/screen for visibility security.

*Exterior doors will remain locked - Sweeps will be conducted.

*Interior doors will be locked - Sweeps will be conducted.

*All staff is trained on response to active shooter protocol along with other emergency protocols.

*ID's (identification badges) will be worn by students and staff grades 4-12.

*NISD added a 4th officer to our police department so a heavier police presence on campus will be evident.

*NISD officers are equipped with AR's, shotguns, handguns, ballistic vests (body armor), ballistic shields, breaching equipment, emergency EMT kits.

*NISD police department along with other local police/sheriff agencies (city/county/ISD's) have been training in our schools since the Spring of 2022 and will continue for the 2022-23 school year.

**This is an ongoing process and we will continue to improve/enhance facilities and trainings/protocols as time moves on.

A key factor is "positive relationships" with students/parents/community and open communication so we can be proactive if warning signs appear.  NISD counseling and mental health programs are in place to help our students.  We encourage the students, parents and community members to work with us if anyone suspects an individual is exhibiting behaviors or has made comments/threats/outcries of harming themselves, others or if they are in an abusive situation.  These sad and atrocious events are not only a school problem; it is a community issue.  We as a school district are happy to step up and do our very best to lead and serve our community in every way, but it does take a commitment by everyone, young and old.