On the first day of school, each student should bring a parent note stating whether the student’s regular means of transportation for the year will be a bus rider, car rider, or walker. Bus notes should include an address for the bus delivery, specific details if the destination is to a place other than the student’s home address, and the bus number from the previous year if the delivery destination has not changed. Car rider notes should include the name of the person(s) picking up the student. Walker notes should include the address of the student’s final destination. ALL NOTES SHOULD INCLUDE THE STUDENT’S FIRST AND LAST NAME, PARENT NAME, PARENT SIGNATURE, AND TELEPHONE NUMBER.


In order to ensure students’ safety, all transportation change requests should be made in writing and must include a parent signature and phone number. A student will not be allowed to ride a different bus, change bus stops, or use a different mode of transportation (car rider, walker, daycare) unless a note has been received in the office by 8:00 AM on the day the student is to have a change of regular transportation. Any notes brought to the office by a student after this time will result in a tardy. Requests for changes in transportation will only be accepted over the phone in emergency situations. The request must be made by 3:15 PM or the student will have to follow their regular transportation plan.

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