New Student Registration

The following items are needed to enroll a child:

  • Legal birth certificate -(Order a certified birth certificate at

  • Student’s social security card

  • Immunizations that are from outside of the United States and are not in English will need to be officially translated by a United States Primary Care Provider or Fort Bend County Health Department.

  • Proof of residence-electric bill in parent/guardian name - form of a current (within last 30 days)

  • You LIVE in a home that YOU OWN within Needville ISD boundaries

    • You must provide a current Electric bill for that home (We only accept the electricity bill.)

    • If you have not received your electric bill please provide your Deed of Trust (received at closing) along with your electric set-up letter. 

  • You RENT a home within Needville ISD boundaries

    • please provide your lease AND a current electric bill in your name. 

    • If the electric bill is not in your name, we will need your lease AND the most recent electric bill in your landlord's name.

  • Copy of driver’s license from parent/guardian enrolling student

  • Last Report Card

  • Transcript (High School Only)

To enroll a student, the parent, legal guardian, or person showing evidence of legal responsibility must complete the online registration process.

At the time of registration, the parent should notify the school of any court order affecting the student.

2024-2025 school year registration opens June 1, 2024.

Transfers 2024-2025

Out of District Transfer

Out of district transfer application will be reviewed by the campus administrator during the summer.

Once approved the campus will contact the parent to finish the registration process.

Please email the completed application and any needed documentation to

District Zone

New Student 2024-2025

Is this your first child to enroll at NISD?

If this is your first student to enroll at Needville ISD you will need to create a "Skyward" account.

Click Here to create your Guardian Skyward account

Do not select this option if you already have a student enrolled at NISD.

To complete this online registration, you must have an email address you can access. If you do not have an email address, there are a number of free web-based email systems that allow you to quickly create an account.

Options include:

Do you currently have students enrolled at NISD?

If you already have a student currently enrolled and need to register a new student for 2024-2025, follow the link below.

Skyward Family Access

Once you log into family access, you can click the arrow down next to the "Home Icon" and select "New Student Enrollment"

New Student

Please make sure you are using the correct link to register your student in the correct grade level!

registration button

Skyward Tips and Support

  • The registration experience works best from a computer.

  • Be sure to check your spam/junk folder for the system emails. (Yahoo seems to block the most)

  • Do not call the campus phones for technical support.

  • Please email for support.