Brief Facts

Needville Independent School District prides itself on “Exemplary” standards. Our rich history of academic and co-curricular success along with high expectations of student behavior creates the PRIDE that is distinctive of the Needville Blue Jay!

Board of Trustees
Central Administration
Mission Statement
History of the District
School Facilities
Academic Rating
Student Population
Student Demographics
District Staff
2019-2020 General Operating Budget
2019-2020 Tax Rate

Board of Trustees

Chris Janicek - President
Jim Kocian - Vice President
Scott Valchar - Secretary
Tim Sbrusch - Asst. Secretary
Kim Janke - Member
Glenn Vecera– Member
John West - Member

Board of Trustees meets on the third Wednesday of each month in the boardroom of the Administration Building.

Central Administration (979) 793-4308

Curtis Rhodes - Superintendent
Beth Briscoe - Assistant Superintendent
Dovie Peschel - Asst. Superintendent of Finance
Charles Roehling - Director of Personnel, Textbooks
Rodney Wieghat - Director of Operations
Corey Kelly - Director of Information Technology
Heather Cordova - Career Technology Director

Mission Statement

"Learn Today - Fly Forever"

Our Purpose:

The Needville Independent School District is continuously moving forward to challenge and prepare its students to live a successful life in their future. All Needville ISD students develop the essential academic skills and acquire the knowledge base necessary to build lifelong learning skills and a strong foundation of English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, fine arts, health, physical education, and technology. In addition to the core curriculum, students learn the duties of citizenship, economic responsibilities, and an appreciation of their common American heritage. Students have the opportunity to develop the ability to think logically, independently, and creatively to communicate effectively.
Quality instruction is provided at all grade levels. In a collaborative partnership with Wharton County Junior College, NHS students have the opportunity to earn 30+ hours of college credit while taking their high school courses at the Needville High School (dual credit) or they may choose to take Advanced Placement courses. The district encourages the students to be involved in co-curricular programs/clubs besides challenging themselves through their academic studies. Many opportunities are available throughout the school district for participation and volunteerism.
Needville I.S.D. encompasses 200 square miles and is the first consolidated district in Fort Bend County. For more information, call 979-793-4308 or visit www.needvilleisd.com

History of the District

The district was established on December 17, 1946. The first board meeting of the Needville Rural High School District was held on January 9, 1947. The country school districts consolidating to form Needville I.S.D. were Big Creek, Marlow, Guy, Brown, Forester, Needville, Seiler, Modena, William School, and Concord.
In 1949, Damon I.S.D. signed a contract with Needville I.S.D. to allow their high school students to attend Needville High School. Needville I.S.D. encompasses 200 square miles.

School Facilities

Needville Elementary, Pre-K - Grade 3 (979) 793-4308, extension 1701

Stacey Stavinoha – Principal
Jennie Fajkus – Assistant Principal
Teresa Bosse – Assistant Principal
Original Construction – 1957
Additions – 1973, 1986, 1990, 2002
The Intermediate school which was originally built in 1993 with an addition in 2000 was incorporated into the Needville Elementary School in 2006.

Needville Middle, Grades 4-6 (979) 793-4308, extension 1501

Shannon Jedlicka – Principal
Jamie Valentine – Assistant Principal
Original Construction – 1981
Additions – 1983, 1990, 2001, 2019

Needville Junior High School, Grades 7-8 (979) 793-4308, extension 1401

Brett Poehler – Principal
Clint Watts – Assistant Principal
Original Construction – 2000

Needville High School, Grades 9-12 (979) 793-4308, extension 1301

Steve Adamson – Principal
Jeff Abbe – Assistant Principal
Mike Bremer – Assistant Principal
Derek Maresh – Assistant Principal
Heather Cordova – CTE Director/Assistant Principal
Original Construction – 2010 

Academic Rating

The Needville ISD is rated by the Texas Education Agency Accountability System at the highest rating of Met Standard.

2019 SAT Test Results

SAT Evidence-Based Reading & Writing Math RW + M (Composite)
Needville 547525 1071
State 515 5071022
National 531528 1059

2019 ACT Test Results

ACT English Math Reading Science Composite
Needville 20.2 20.7 22.5
State 19.5 20.4 21.1 20.6 20.5
National 20.1 20.4 21.2 20.6 20.7

Student Population

Needville High School 1036
Needville Junior High School 420
Needville Middle School 760
Needville Elementary School 1030
Total Enrolled 3,346

Student Demographics

Black 3.4%
Multi-Racial 0.8%
Hispanic 47.3%
White 47.9%
Asian/Pacific 0.4%
American Indian 0.2%
Economically Disadvantaged 41.2%
English Language Learners (ELL) 8.7%
At-Risk 40.4%

District Staff

NISD Staff420


Minimum Bachelor Degree $52,500

2019-2020 General Operating Budget

Total Budget $33,082,177.00

2020 Tax Rate

Maintenance and Operation $1.06
Debt Service $0.39
Total $1.46